Thermo-Chemical Gasification and Alternativ Energy Applications GmbH.
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Welcome in the future

TCG Alena provides the broadest range of recently developed and innovative technologies for effective technology transfer to the wide cross section of customers. The company in close cooperation with the manufacturers and researchers intends to expand the environmentally friendly (green energy) sources with the available site specific secondary and tertiary energy sources such as biomass etc.
It is the company goal promoting and providing the available knowledge and information both to the public and to the professionals about the applicability of the different energy sources and their most effective technologies as well as facilitates businesses in the application of such technologies in a complex energy efficient system.
The application of the most advanced technologies is not a privilege but a reality, that each forward-looking country, company and community should readily embrace and by doing so leave a much safer and more environmentally friendly and effective infrastructure to our children than what we inherited.